The Maintenance Department at S & S Aviation Co is well known throughout the industry as a leader in the Cessna 300 & 400 series aircraft with over 25 years experience which spans a great variety of aircraft from a Piper Cub to a Cessna Citation. S & S Aviation Co has been associated with RAM Aircraft for over 20 years as a dealer and installation facility, and all of our mechanics understand the importance of quality maintenance. Most of our mechanics are also pilots giving them a better understanding of owner/pilot squawks.



We offer excellent service at a reasonable price with customer safety and satisfaction paramount. Quality control is a vital part of our operation, and all completed tasks are thoroughly checked before the aircraft is released. To insure airworthiness, the aircraft is flight tested after any periodic inspection or extensive maintenance prior to delivery to the customer.



When your aircraft is due for service or inspection, call S & S Aviation to take care of your maintenance needs. Contact Jimmy Garland, Maintenance Supervisor, at 770-479-6389, or email at